Ivo Janík


I graduated from the Secondary School of Engineering in Brno, located on  Sokolská street and VUT in Brno, Faculty of Engineering. I am a mechanical engineer, which allows me to communicate with people in the field - designers, technologists, production managers, shift managers, quality inspectors, etc. I have a very clear idea of what information systems should offer to these people.

Experience and skills

– I have been using personal computers since 1986.

– I was first introduced to a company information system in 1998. At that time I was working for three years as a supervisor of the NAVISION system (today Microsoft Dynamics NAV).

– since 2004, I worked for three years as a technology and planning department manager in an Austrian company AVL in Hranice na Moravě. One of my main duties was active team work focusing on the implementation of a new information system (PSIpenta). I was responsible for putting installed modules into practice, for defining and testing customer settings, for user training and for reporting systems setup, etc.
In cooperation with our supplier we have managed to put into operation and use beneficial functionalities of the system such as hierarchical planning of production capacities, reservation of capacities for future plans, etc., and also some individual customizations, such as analysis of material supply with a direct link to production rescheduling, and others.
I have also worked on detail settings of an interface between ERP and PDM systems manufactured by Keytech.

– between 2008 and 2009 I worked for an American company  CCI in Brno as a Planning Department Manager. Here, they used an older German information system FORB which was however used only locally. Due to the fact that the company planned to switch to a new integrated ERP system, I was assigned two main tasks. The first one was my active participation in a worldwide team focusing on the selection of the new ERP system. This team analyzed in detail properties of ERP systems IFS and Oracle. The second task was to keep the system operational, while maintaining the lowest operational cost. The optimum solution was to utilize functionalities of the systems which have not been used so far and to modify user work methods. Further, in cooperation with a company in Brno GISIT I was able to create an additional reporting tool offering quick access to the system database and an option to create reports tailored according to user needs.

- recently, during my independent work, I had a chance to get familiar with the following systems: QI, QAD, Karat, MS Dynamics AX, Helios, PPROI and Infor Visual. This introduction was mainly through supplier presentations, seminars, consultations, reference visits and in some cases also through system testing.

- I never consider my experience to be complete and I am always open to new systems, experiences and to information...